couldn’t sleep again last night.  woke up late again today.  scanned headlines reading through who was saying what.  mom came back from her school and packed meats with vegetables for camping.  my parents are having a dinner party tonight with my father’s coworkers’ families at our suburban house.  she handed me 30,000 krw just before leaving.  i helped mom loading the packages.  had breakfast at 4 pm.  currently waiting for Prof. G to reply to my mail regarding a recommendation letter thing.  several tasks are on the process at the same time.  every day is a due date for different matters.  it’s okay –  the night’s getting longer and i’ve got some rock bands who’ll never throw my life away.  reality sucks anyway.

“just like that?  just like that.” / “i don’t want to get over her.  i want to get her back.” / “we’ve been like Sid and Nancy for months now.” / “to die by your side~ is such a heavenly way to die~ ♪ i love’em.” : this song is There is a light that never goes out by The Smiths.  i like the song, too.

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