Emily is not an unique name in English speaking region, I suppose.  Emily in <A Rose for Emily> reminded me several Emilys I met.  Every Emily died.

The most impressive Emily is in Thornton Wilder’s modern American drama <Our Town>.  After she die, she comes back to life to see young Emily(herself) living!  She choose what day of her former life she would go back to.  She decides to go visit her 12th birthday.

The second Emily is Emily Dickinson, a real person.  I’m taking ‘Poetry and culture’ class this semester.  I only knew her by her name, but hadn’t read her works before.  She wrote more than 1770 poems.  I was amazed at the quantity first, and at her imagination about death.  Though nobody can really overcome – or experience – death, she wrote surprising poems on death originated from her own imagination. 

The interesting thing is that Emily Dickinson didn’t go out of her house very often like our grey-hair Emily!  There’s a story about her.  Emily Dickinson’s sister lived next door.  When Emily’s nephews came around Emily’s house, she gave them cookies by sending cookie basket from the second floor with rope so that she could do it without coming out of her house.

I felt a funeral in my brain,

And mourners, to and fro,

Kept treading, treading, till it seemed

That sense was breaking though.


And when they all were seated,

A service like a drum

Kept beating, beating, till I thought

My mind was going numb.


And then I heard them lift a box,

And creak across my soul

With those same boots of lead, again.

Then space began to toll


As all the heavens were a bell,

And Being but an ear,

And I and silence some strange race,

Wrecked, solitary, here.